Struggle of nowadays dating


But what we mean is the times before corona time. Before, we would go to a bar or theatre or to meet our friends for dinner and we would maybe meet someone new. Nowadays not only meeting someone new is very problematic. A lot of young people decided to try luck on dating apps or websites. Also, Instagram is being used as a tool to get acquainted with someone new. You might have noticed growing interest from strangers in liking your pictures or sending a request. This is all because mostly humans need socialisation.  And for those, who are single and lonely and are wasting their times sitting at home instead of meeting their soulmates, it is even more difficult.


If you are one of those people, who was refusing dating apps, but now you are up for it, because there is not many chances, how to socialise, you probably also are coping with other issues. Like what to do on dates? Especially, when it is cold outside. You probably go and take a walk on the first date. On the second date you think of inviting the person to your place. Are you have been invited? But then, when you are with someone at home, it can escalate quickly into more intimate moments. And you think of what the right choice is to do. If you feel like having an intimate moment with someone, but you do not want to have sex just yet, we have an idea, that will help you to remain on someone´s mind, but not to lose your respect. Surprise them with intim massage Mataharisalon. You can create a small ritual with candles, good music and great atmosphere.


With massage, you can have some intimate moments, that are very pleasing, but you will remain innocent in some way. If you do not know, how to make such massage. You should visit a salon first, where you can get some tips an apply them yourself. We really think, this will help you to make a great impression.  

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